When you miss one or more teeth, you need to replace them as soon as possible before you face serious complications. Fortunately, there are many different options available to resolve this issue, and one of them is a denture. Unlike what your grandparents used, the modern types of dentures are more natural-looking and generally superior. Our skillful dentists at Dental Design Studio can give you more information and say if you are an eligible candidate to receive this amazing tooth replacement option. Typically, dentures are divided into two main groups: complete dentures for patients with no natural teeth and partial ones for those who have only missed a few teeth. No matter which treatment you want, our professionals offer the best type of partial and full dentures in North York to satisfy your demands in the best way possible. An important fact you need to understand is that some problems may occur with your dentures if you don’t take good care of them or don’t visit an experienced dentist. Today’s blog lists these issues and explains the best ways to prevent or resolve them. 

What Are the Most Common Issues with Dentures and How to Solve Them?

Difficulty Chewing

There are two common reasons for experiencing pain and discomfort when you chew something with your dentures. The first reason, which is totally normal, is your mouth being uncomfortable because you have gotten your denture recently. You need to let your mouth totally heal until it gets used to it. The other reason is that your denture isn’t perfectly adjusted, and it may slip out in your mouth. On such occasions, you have to visit your dentist to see how you can solve this problem. Our clinic offers the best denture repairs in North York to help patients have these dental prosthetics fixed in place and enjoy their favorite meals. 

Too Much Saliva

Sometimes, you may feel you have more saliva in your mouth than normal. It can be a very important sign of dental emergencies and other health issues, so you need to take it seriously. However, excessive saliva production can be normal in some cases. For instance, people who have received dentures recently may experience this condition as it’s the body’s natural response to new and foreign things. You can visit our emergency dentists in Toronto for more information and make sure everything is fine. 


Feeling aches and discomfort is normal in the best way the first days after getting a denture. This pain and soreness can continue for hours and even days since your new dentures can irritate your gums. Yet, this pain shouldn’t last a long time, and you have to visit your dentist if it persists. Furthermore, our dentists highly recommend Toronto soft denture services for patients with highly sensitive gums and mouths.

Improper Fit

Even if your dentist measures everything carefully and has everything customized based on your condition, there is always a slight chance of having your denture improperly fitted. This condition affects your oral health and should be addressed as soon as you can. If you don’t want to face such problems, it’s suggested to consider our implant-supported dentures in North York as they are the safest and most steady selection you can ever choose.

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