Fatemeh Rezagholizadeh

Fatemeh Rezagholizadeh is a highly skilled and experienced dental professional working in the Dental field for over three decades. She has been residing in Toronto Since 2011. She has a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with honors from the reputed Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran. Also, She has seven years of Experience in Digital Dentistry and Dental CAD/ CAM Technology. Dr. Fatemeh has excellent knowledge and experience.

Fatemeh possesses an array of skills and expertise. She has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, such as Laminate, High Ceram crowns, and bridge prosthetics. Additionally, Dr. Fatemeh has extensive experience in fixed, Removable, and Complete Dentures and Preventive Orthodontics.

She is the CEO of DDS and the director of operations of Dental Design Studio & Smilden lab, Also is the head of Dental CAD/ CAM. She supervises All the jobs of skilled techs.

Fatemeh is a detailed-oriented technology professional with exceptional analytical skills and strong expertise in grasping the dentist’s requirements. She has a proven ability to work under stress while meeting challenging deadlines. Her language abilities in English, Farsi, and Arabic are a significant advantage in communicating with Dentists and patients.

Although Dr. Fatemeh had 20 years of experience in dental surgery in Iran, she started taking Canadian dental courses after moving to Canada to update her dental knowledge based on RCDSO (Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario) standards. Then she decided to pivot her career to digital dentistry. Then she started taking so many related courses in Canada and the US to stay updated with the advanced science of the field.

Previously, she worked as a Dentist Surgeon at two privately-owned Dental Clinics in Tehran, Iran, from 1995-2012. Also supervised two Dental Lab departments (fixed and removable Prostheses) at Shahid Haidari Polyclinic. She was head of the department of PolyClinic Denture Clinic as well.
Fatemeh’s customer service skills are exceptional. She creates a friendly environment by making patients feel comfortable and relaxed. She has maintained a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere among all staff and developed a trusting relationship with staff and patients.

Fatemeh has held various roles throughout her career in Canada. She has worked as a Dental Assistant and Dental CAD/ CAM Designer in Toronto since 2013. Her expertise is more comprehensive than clinical practice. She has volunteered as a Job Developer Assistant at the YMCA Centre in Toronto, where she helped job seekers find suitable employment. She has had a few series of lectures at the Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario, Toronto, ON.

Fatemeh is a lifelong learner and has continued professional development through various courses and webinars. She has also completed various courses and webinars on Orthodontics, Voco Learning, the Dawson Academy, WhipMix, and GlideWell.

Overall, Fatemeh Rezagholizadeh is a highly skilled and experienced dental professional with exceptional clinical, management, customer service, and coaching skills. Her dedication to her profession, commitment to continuing education, and passion for helping others.

Dr. Fatemeh also has a dental study club where she shares her knowledge with other dentists about advanced technologies and techniques in dentistry.

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